Custodial Supervisor Certification Course

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C.C.S. – Certified Custodial Supervisor

Are you looking to groom key employees for supervisory positions?
Are you looking to improve your own skills in order to advance your career into custodial supervision?
CMI’s Custodial Supervisor Training and Certification program will help you achieve your goals.

The custodial profession today not only commands respect but also requires a high degree of knowledge and skill. There are several reasons for the new “image,” but probably the most important is the fact that the custodian has become vastly more important to the efficiency of an organization and a healthy environment. Modern buildings made of modern materials require modern equipment, chemicals, and techniques in order to keep them sanitary, safe, and in proper operating condition. The vast variety of floor surfaces alone requires extensive knowledge if we are to adequately protect a company’s investment.

One of the important byproducts in the evolution of the custodial profession is CMI’s Custodial Supervisor Training and Certification course. It is truly a milestone in our profession. The course is divided into four sections, each of which covers a particular area of supervising and managing custodial maintenance work. Each section also has a certification exam; the final exam at the conclusion of the course covers all the information that has been presented. The exams include multiple choice as well as true and false questions.

Custodial Supervisor Certification Handbook Cover v6

Course Outline

Customer Service 

How to Develop Leadership Qualities in the building services field

  • Attitude, motivation, personality types
  • Leadership skills, team building activities
  • Designing an effective department
  • Implementation at your organization
  • Dealing with difficult employees.

Technical Skills Applicable to the Workplace

  • Managing supplies, chemicals and equipment
  • Processes, procedures and management controls
  • Using technology to reduce costs and improve quality
  • Organizing cleaning assignments for maximum productivity
  • Time Standards, production rates, and work loading.

Building Services Operation

  • Recruiting and defining the employees with the best fit.
  • Hiring, managing employees (both union and non)
  • Quality assurance, quality control, testing and prevention
  • Staffing, how to schedule and monitor daily/routine, periodic restorative tasks
  • TQM/Six Sigma/Continuous Process Improvement.

Training session in progress

CMI recommends that each person who enrolls into the Supervisor Certification course takes both the CMI Custodial Technician Basic & Advanced certification courses prior to the Supervisor Certification.
Ideal For Continuing Training Programs
In-house facility cleaning operations and contract cleaning operations will find the Custodial Maintenance Supervision course ideal to use in a training program. In addition to working directly with individuals, CMI can also set up special arrangements with those who are responsible for custodial training. Call CMI at 1 (800) 225-4772 or email Mark Warner to discuss setting up a formal custodial supervision training program using CMI’s Custodial Supervisor Training and Certification course.

Your Employer May Want To Help Pay For Your Tuition
Many employers across the nation offer some form of tuition reimbursement to employees. Most employers are delighted to learn that an employee wants to pursue a home study course in a job-related subject. The prime objective of the Custodial Supervisor Training and Certification course is to help those responsible for cleaning and maintenance improve efficiency, increase economy, and upgrade work performance of the entire maintenance department.


The independent (home study) course is now available to purchase on’s online bookstore – go here to order today!


For more information, contact:

TJ Grim – Training Specialist
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Mark Warner – Education Manager 
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