2018 Review & 2019 Preview

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The Value of Being Part of the ISSA Family

Review of 2018 ISSA Member Benefits and a Preview of 2019

Our invaluable ISSA Members are highly appreciated. As an association, ISSA is very thankful for their continued support and loyalty. Throughout 2018, we have worked to increase the return on our members’ investments through new business resources, networking opportunities, and more. All members can access the tools available through ISSA and its divisions.

This year, the ISSA family has continued to grow and now numbers more than 9,200 members worldwide. The ISSA EMEA Team (Europe, Middle East, Africa), based in Mainz, Germany, has grown as well and works passionately to support members.

Differentiation Through Education and Certification

In 2018, ISSA’s Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS), the first consensus-based management standard for cleaning organizations, was taken one step further. Now, also in the Middle East, the first cleaning organizations were certified to the global CIMS standard, a unique opportunity to differentiate quality operations and further raise the region’s level of professionalism.

CIMS was created by the industry for the industry. Access to ISSA certification courses on quality auditing, estimating, supervisory, and training skills also has expanded across the region, as we develop local ISSA experts to contribute to our members’ business success. Find out more at issa.com/standard.

Awareness and Engagement – Connecting the Worldwide Cleaning Industry

Bringing the Cleantex and Pulire events into the fold this year also helped to provide our members with insights into local markets, with new events in Brazil, India, South Africa, Spain, Russia, and more.

A new event in 2018 was the ISSA Executive Summit Africa, providing access to top-level management advice and bringing the first-ever ISSA education session to Africa. More than 50 managers and supervisors graduated as International Accredited Auditing Professionals (IAAP) during the summit.

Twelve ISSA networking events took place across Europe and are among the most valuable ISSA benefits to members. Log in and view past speaker presentations here.

Best Practices for Innovation and Growth

In spring 2018, ISSA released its member-only digital publication ISSA Engage to provide members around the world with knowledge and opportunities and connecting them with peers and experts on a global scale. Explore the current edition at issaengage.com.

European ISSA Members received the first edition of the all-new “ISSA EU Newsletter” in November 2018. Twice each year, in fall and spring, European members will receive the e-newsletter with news from this region. Trends, developments and market overviews are identified by the ISSA EU Council members for their respective parts of Europe. Additionally, the readers will learn more about ISSA updates and upcoming ISSA events. To subscribe to this member-only benefit, please email the ISSA EMEA team at emea@issa.com.

Market snapshots for various countries in Europe provide ISSA Members with market overviews and current developments. ISSA has cooperated with the market research institute DTO Research to conduct and analyze data in the Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg) as well as Germany. Further market overviews will follow in early 2019. Log in and discover more studies and reports.

ISSA continues to investigate the latest trends to help you understand the impact they have on your organization. One example is ISSA’s recent Internet of Things research, which offers key lessons learned within the industry. Use your member-only online access to download the results at issa.com/iot.

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Outlook 2019 – New Business Opportunities

Your EMEA team is already working on new projects for the coming year in areas such as health care, restoration, and bio-recovery to create new opportunities for specialty expertise. We look forward to supporting you and your company in 2019 and we hope to meet you at one of ISSA’s many events.

The first ISSA Networking Event of 2019 will be held in Germany in February. The next one will take place during the Cleaning Show in London, England in March. Register here, as registration links become available. ISSA Trade Shows will be spread across the region next year starting in May with Pulire – the Smart Show in Verona, Italy; followed by the ISSA Cleantex Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa, June 4-6; and the Hygienalia Pulire in Madrid, Spain, November 12-14.

ISSA Members from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific can look forward to a new resource of information: a monthly ISSA e-newsletter with updates and events. To subscribe to this member-only benefit, please email the ISSA EMEA team at emea@issa.com.

We look forward to changing the way the world views cleaning and supporting our worldwide members!

Best regards,