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Disaster Equipment Rental
Address: PO Box 2309, Bayswater Melbourne, VIC Australia
Phone: 1300654684
Tollfree: 0413282997
Fax: 0413282997


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Disaster Equipment Sales & Rentals specialise in water damage rental equipment and have a vast range of specialised equipment varying from desiccant units and meters to air movers.
DER Range
* Dust Management System - Silica and abestos vaccums and air scrubber
*Asset Management System - to track and protect your asset with RFID technolgy
*Moisture Meter Sales and rental - IAQ, Thermal inmaging and water damage meter for sale and rental
*Air Purfication system
*Liquid Management system
*Water Damage rental

Alorair Solution Australia & NZ provide top quality water damage equipment for sale compliant to Australian standard with Wifi capabilty to monitor jobs remotely

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