Weekly Product Showcase January 5, 2018

January 5, 2018 Weekly Product Showcase January 5, 2018

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Stay up to date on the industry’s newest products and services from these ISSA members.

Get a Grip on Safety
TASKBrand® SureGrip absorbent adhesive floor mats from HOSPECO® are engineered to guard against slips, trips, and falls. These durable, fast-drying mats protect floors from moisture.  They feature an impermeable adhesive backing and are custom-cut to protect hard-to-fit areas. For more information, visit

Stop Salmonella
Avmor Ltd.’s EP50 cleaner disinfectant is designed for use in health care facilities, schools, and industrial institutions. This oxidizing multi-purpose degreaser and deodorizer safely sanitizes hard, non-porous surfaces and, when used effectively, can kill bacteria such as salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus within five minutes. For more information, visit

Plus Power
RX77 Plus
is a new and improved version of The Bullen Companies, Inc.’s popular RX77 Toilet Bowl and Bathroom Cleaner. Featuring a fresh-smelling scent, this cleaning solution is ideal for disinfecting and deodorizing a variety of surfaces including bathtubs, toilets, and countertops. For more information, visit

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