Internship Grants

Accessible by: anyone

To support attracting young professionals into the cleaning industry, the ISSA Foundation has created an Internship Grant opportunity for which your company may be eligible. Up to nine grants will be awarded in 2017, aimed at helping ISSA member companies launch new internships in the cleaning industry.

If your company would like to develop a new internship program, download the application today. Details of eligibility are included on the application.

Applications should be submitted to Tracy Weber by April 1 when awards will be confirmed. Payment will be made when the internship is completed and confirmation of the internship compensation as stipulated on the application has been received by ISSA Foundation.

For tips on developing an internship, download ISSA’s free Internship Toolkit.

This is just one more way that ISSA and the ISSA Foundation are helping you to advance clean and drive innovation.