Performance Review Template

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Reward Your Employees Without Spending a Dime

The performance appraisal review template is the ideal tool for managing employees, consistent with the requirements of the ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS). Although the Standard does not specifically require employee-performance reviews, section three is focused on human resources and requires an organization to manage its human capital in a way that enhances organizational performance. In this regard, the template can be used to assess employee performance with an eye toward operational efficiency and continuous improvement, and it can serve as a powerful employee retention tool.


As the condition of the economy worsens, many employers are wondering how to handle performance reviews. Some are saying they cannot offer pay increases, but feel employees need and deserve a review. Nancye Combs, a human resources and management consultant, has created a system that reviews employees, for development purposes only, that:

  1. Addresses the employee complaint that standard performance reviews do not address the real work being performed

  2. Is truly a development review, designed to accomplish exactly what performance review should accomplish

  3. Is not focused on money. Most of the time employees are so focused on whether they get a raise and how much it is going to be, they do not pay attention to the performance-review process itself.

  4. Is the kind of review form that all employees can complete as a self-review and compare with the supervisor’s review to get insight into how they view themselves versus how the supervisor views them

  5. Could be used even in a union environment because it does not recommend raises or discipline.

  6. Could be used at every level of the organization, even when a management-by-objectives system is in place. In fact, it could be used comfortably in organizations that have some other systems that are used to trigger increases. For example, if you have a system that an employee will receive a dollar increase based on satisfactory performance until the employee reaches the salary midpoint, and then would receive any other increases based on market changes and extraordinary performance, this document would support the movement along with the range.

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