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ISSA has developed an Internship Tool Kit to help member firms understand, develop, and implement their own internships within their respective firms.

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Internship Tool Kit Goal

The purpose of the ISSA Internship Tool Kit is to help ISSA-member firms identify and attract new talent to the jansan industry in a way that provides valuable industry experience, connections, and career opportunities as well as financial income for their continuing education while simultaneously helping fill the needs of member-firm employers.

What’s Inside

The ISSA Internship Tool Kit includes practical items, such as human resource and statutory compensation information, sample forms and templates, and performance-measurement guidelines, along with vital personnel guidelines designed to help you find, interview, hire, train, and motivate the right intern for your company. 

Internship Grants Available

Want to attract young professionals? The ISSA Foundation offers Internship Grants for companies interested in launching a new internship program. Click here for more information. 

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